General FAQ


What power supply unit will be shipping with this printer?

The provided power supply unit can run on 100-240V AC, and can be used universally. It can accommodate different AC mains voltages with interchangeable connectors.

Will it be difficult to assemble the Snapmaker?

Definitely not. It will be an easy setup of 10 parts in only 10 minutes.

How can I transfer the file to the Snapmaker to start printing/engraving/carving? You can connect the Snapmaker to your computer using an USB cable (included), and then start printing/engraving/carving using the provided software.

Besides, the Snapmaker supports the standalone 3D printing from USB flash disk (included). That is, no computer connection required during printing.

Will there be any manual or video tutorial?

Yes. We have provided Quick Start Guides and video tutorials of using Snapmaker 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC carving, including unboxing, assembly, use of software, use cases, etc. Please check out the guides and tutorials at

Is there a quick release for the modules so that we can change from 3D to laser and to CNC quickly?

Yes, it requires only the use of a hex screwdriver. Just remove the four screws that secure the module, and then attach another module onto X Axis. That’s it. You don’t even need to use a nut during the entire process.

Let’s Get Technical

What are the specifications of Snapmaker?

We have listed the specifications on our official website. Please refer to this site for details:

What are repeatable tolerances in X, Y and Z axis?

5 microns.

May I know if the parts guiding the lead screw is using linear shaft or linear guide?

It is neither linear shaft nor linear guide. We designed the guide rail and linear module frame to be unibody, which helps to achieve a high level of sturdiness and durability. It is an important feature of our linear module.

Will the interface open source so that we can make our own modules?

In the future, we’ll provide technical documents to illustrate how to make your own modules using the provided interfaces.

Future Upgrades

Will there be any upgrade available with longer linear modules to increase print volume?

Yes. We will provide longer linear modules so that you can replace the linear module in z-axis to increase the print volume. This upgrade* option will be available in the near future.

We expect that anyone with an interest in 3D printing can get a Snapmaker 3D Printer easily. Moreover, personal 3D printer expansion is made easy with interchangeable heads, linear modules with different sizes, and more.

Do you consider adding plotting / 3D scanning modules?

Creative idea! Snapmaker is modular. It allows for various personalized modifications. We also look forward to developing plotting accessories and related software. However, considering the tight schedule of the production and delivery of this machine, we can only design this expansion in the future. If you have experience in DIY a drawing/plotting machine, you can dive deeper into the technical details and make other expansion options with Snapmaker by yourself. Don’t forget to share it with us when you finish it.

We are not going to add the 3D scanning module.

Sales and Marketing

How Can I Become a Distributor? We’re always interested in cooperating with people who can help make Snapmaker accessible to everyone. Please contact

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