3D Printing FAQ

What types of filament can I use with Snapmaker?

Snapmaker uses non-proprietary filament. It also comes with a heated bed that enables you to print with 1.75mm PLA, ABS, etc. The following filaments are not supported: alumide, graphite, etc.

What is the maximum temperature of the heated bed?

80℃. It helps to achieve excellent results.

What is the layer resolution of it?

Snapmaker can print layers as thin as 50 microns and up to 300 microns (lower number means better resolution).

What types of files can I use with Snapmaker3D?

.STL and .OBJ files.

What 3D modeling software would you recommend for a beginner?

There are lots of choices when it comes to 3D modeling software for designing 3D models to print. Here’s an article about various 3D modeling software, comparing them in function, user level, price and compatible systems.


Where can I find the files for 3D printing?

Here is a selection of the best 3D printing websites for free STL files to download.


What can I do with the color touchscreen?

You can check and control various settings in your hand, such as monitoring the printing process, loading the filament, moving the extruder module, etc.

Do I need to use the blue painter’s tape and glue sticks?

No. Snapmaker comes with a hassle-free and reusable platform sticker. Prints stick well on the printing sticker base and are easy to remove when completed.

Can it be used with 3rd party or will it be proprietary?

It is not proprietary. You can use other slicer software, such as Cura, Simplify 3D and Slic3r.

Will there be a profile released to work with the other slicers?

Yes. Please check out the configuration file at https://manual.snapmaker.com/3d_printing/faq/snapmaker-profile-for-cura-and-simplify3d.html

Are you implementing a fully compatible interface with Marlin firmware?


Does it support dual extrusion?


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