CNC Carving FAQ

Do you have a solution in mind that will protect the linear actuator from dust while using the CNC module?

Yes, there’s a groove inside the linear module so that dust and chips are collected and can be cleaned conveniently.

What materials can Snapmaker CNC carve?

Supported materials: wood, acrylic, PCB, carbon fiber sheet.

Not supported materials: metal, ceramics, stone, and other hard materials.

What file types are supported for CNC carving?


What software do I need to use the CNC carving?

First, download and install Autodesk fusion 360 (

Then use it to convert an image or a 3D CAD file to a G-code file.

Last, use the provided software* to send G-code to Snapmaker and control the CNC carving process.

The provided software is a combination of G-code sender and control panel for CNC carving. Using this software, you can do laser engraving or CNC carving on Snapmaker.

What is the work area of CNC carving?

X-axis: 90mm, Y-axis: 90mm, Z-axis: 50mm.

What is the spindle speed?

19,000 RPM.

What is the shank diameter?


Can it carve a circuit board?


Can it carve objects out of wood?

You can use this machine to carve on the surface of wood, like these: However, it is not able to carve objects out of wood.

Can it carve metal?

No. The metal is very hard and can break the CNC carving bit. This will damage the machine and may injure you.

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