Laser Engraving FAQ

What materials can Snapmaker laser engrave?

Supported materials: wood, bamboo, fabric, leather, paper, acrylic, and more.
Not supported materials: metal, glass, gem, transparent material, reflective materials, and so on.

What file types are supported for laser engraving?

SVG, JPEG, PNG, etc.

What software do I need to use the laser module?

You need to use the provided software* to convert an image into a G-code file, send G-code to Snapmaker and control the laser engraving process.

The provided software is a combination of G-code generator, G-code sender and control panel for laser engraving. Using this software, you can do laser engraving or CNC carving on Snapmaker.

What is the work area of laser engraving?

125 x 125 mm.

What is the power of the laser you use?


What is the wavelength of the laser you use?


What is the laser safety class of it?

Class 3B.

What is the dot size of the laser?

The min. diameter of the engraving dot is 0.2mm.

Does it support laser engraving with a grayscale image?

Yes! Here’s an example that we made with Snapmaker:

Do you think about adding higher power laser modules?

Yes. We’re thinking about making higher power laser modules in the near future, which will be compatible with our current laser module.

Does it require a ventilation system to vent the fumes produced in the engraving process?

Toxic smoke and fumes are generated while burning the surface of material. It is recommended to vent the fumes to the outside. You should keep the room window open or use an exhaust fan near your work place. If you can’t do that, you will need to use the Air Filter.

Can it cut through things, such as cardboard, wood, MDF?

No. But you can cut through a thin piece of cardboard, wood, MDF, and carbon fiber sheet with our CNC carver.

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