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How much will it cost to deliver the product to my country?
You can check the shipping fee at the pre-order page ( by selecting the country in the drop-down list.

请通过Facebook或support@snapmaker.com联系我们,我们会给您发送一个支付宝付款码,这样您就可以方便地购买我们的产品。 另外,请提供收件人姓名和收件人的邮箱地址(用于发货前收货地址确认)。我们会在发货前一个月向您的邮箱发一个调查,确认最终收货地址。我们只有在收到确认的地址后才会发货,所以请留意邮箱。

When will my credit card be charged?
Your card will be charged immediately when you pre-order.

Can I cancel my pre-order?
You can cancel within 30 days of placing your pre-order, and then get a full refund. Email us at as soon as possible if you would like to cancel your pre-order.

What is the refund policy?
We accept refund requests within 30 days after you place your pre-order. Email saying you want a refund. That's it. Each refund is processed manually, which means it could take us a few days to check and process your request.

Will I get an invoice?
Yes. We will send an invoice to you via email when it ships.


When will you collect my shipping address?
You need to provide the shipping address when you make a payment. We will email you to confirm your address before your Snapmaker is ready to ship.

What countries does Snapmaker ship to?
We ship to anywhere in the world.

Will I be charged Tax/Customs/VAT fees?
You are responsible for any taxes/customs/VAT etc. These are based on the value of the goods or the sum of the product price. The valuation method varies by country. The rates of duty may also differ depending on the exporting country.

Will you have the necessary approval to ship this product to the EU and the US?
Yes. We will get CE, FCC and RoSH approvals before importing products to the EU and the US.


Will Snapmaker offer a warranty?
Yes. We have worked with various machine tools, and we know how important warranty support is for this machine. Here’s a general warranty policy:

Warranty Period: 180 Days From the Date That You Receive the Product

  1. We will guarantee all modules and the major parts. We will verify and release the details of warranty after we do thorough tests during the pre-production.

  2. For the consumables like the nozzle and CNC bit, we will provide you with an extra replacement part for you to replace the worn-out part (included in the product package). The consumables are not covered in the warranty.

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